Welcome to Absolute Control Epos Solutions

Not only have the team at Absolute Control Epos Solutions got vast experience of our own Epos solution we have vast experience and knowledge of the majority of Epos systems and their configuration that are deployed in the UK. We support large and small operators in retail and hospitality.

How it works:

Support comes in three stages. A call will rapidly escalate up through the service structure until the problem is solved. This approach offers the absolute fastest fix times for you and minimum inconvenience. When you make a call to us, this is how we will respond:

Stage 1 Telephone support. Helpdesk Analysts are expertly trained to diagnose and repair the equipment very quickly via telephone. Almost all calls are solved here.

Stage 2 Where appropriate, an engineer will remotely connect to your system over a secure internet link to diagnose the problem directly. Engineers can also apply software updates remotely, so more difficult problems can be solved rapidly.

Stage 3 If the system is still not operational, an engineer will be assigned to your site. The engineer will be an expert on the system and will carry spares to repair or replace any item of hardware as necessary.